Hair Pendants

from $ 435.00

These beautiful Memorial Glass Hair Pendants honour the tradition of keeping a snippet of a loved one’s hair in jewellery. Each pendant is a meaningful piece of jewellery that is significant in a special and personal way. The necklace is a wearable keepsake that you can keep with you, close to your heart, throughout the day.

Memorial Glass Hair Pendants are our exclusive option for hair, as hair is not suited for our other designs. We use a special technique to ensure that your loved one’s hair is protected and kept safe, treating it with respect and care.

These Sterling Silver pendants are available in clear, or in a select range of colours only offered for this design. Colours enhance and highlight different hair tones, whilst clear makes the hair a focal point. Our hair pendants are suitable for both human and pet hair. They are available in two sizes of 15mm or 28mm approximate diameters.


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