professional service and very high quality products

Thank you so much for a very professional service and very high quality products.
I ordered the pendant for myself and a touch stone for my neice to remember my mum, her nan by.
Very impressed with the quality of the pendant. Sterling silver (hallmarked) and plenty of room on the back to engrave which I will do. I havent unwrapped the touch stone as I’m yet to present it to my neice.
It was a effortless process and I was extremely happy with the overall service and results.
Now I can have mum with me at all times and feel that it gives me strength in times of need as I know mum is with me.
Thank you so much. Other family members were scepticle but after seeing the quality I’m sure they will also request a peice of memorial glass for themselves.
Cannot thank you enough. Sue Brown, Coromandel Valley, South Australia. 1st October 2017

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