Loving memento of a man that meant so much to us

My family and I cannot thank you enough for your kind, considerate and sensitive approach to a request to include my father in laws cremains into some glass pieces that we could treasure. From the 1st phone call you were open, willing and incredibly sincere and when my mother in law arrived from the UK we couldn¹t wait to meet you. On an unbearably hot Sat morning in January you had your ovens burning and prepared, for the making of not only a creative masterpiece , but a tactile, loving memento of a man that meant so much to us all. You included us(Sandy..wife of Ron, Martin..stepson,Nicola..daughter in law, Laura & Brigitte..granddaughters), in the whole process and we were able to suggest ideas, that you produced with care and love. You made several larger paperweights, several smaller paperweights and at the girls request, some love hearts with a dash of colour (pink..Ron¹s favourite!). The scene was emotional, tears of joy as we finally created a tactile treasure and tears of laughter as we mused over his second trip into an hot oven! Each child and grandchild now have an individual, yet subtle personal gift of a man we all loved very much. Thank you Tim. Your humanistic approach to us and others is reflected in your work and we wish you every success, health and happiness in all you do. It was our pleasure to meet you and it is with sincere appreciation that I have written this short note. Thank you

Nicola and Martin Hunt Park Orchards

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