So pleased I pursued the idea

I was wanting to do something special with Dad’s ashes. I heard on a radio program about glass blowing and having ashes incorporated into a piece. I emailed Tim. He said he made two pieces: a paperweight or a heart. Upon my visit I felt Tim respected the loss I was going through. I had two paperweights and three hearts made for my family. They are quality individual pieces that Tim has put time and thought into. The colours are amazing. Tim creates the pieces in solitude as they are as special to him as they are to myself and my family. Tim spoke of the pieces with a sense of respect for my Dad and the value they would hold amongst our family. A very prompt service was delivered with only a two week turn around. Thanks to Tim I now feel Dad has been created into something even more special. I’m so pleased I pursued the idea and could get something done locally by very professional people on all levels. Thanking you Tim and staff.

Jenny Clarke

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