The pieces were exquisite

I lost my father in December  last year and after spreading his ashes in one of his favourite spots in the Snowy Mountains I had some left over.  Dad was a Healesville local for many years and as such I had always planned to buy a momento from the glassworks.  I visited them one day and got talking to the lovely lady there about the memorial glass.  The pieces were exquisite and Tali’s kindness and compassion just beautiful.
Roll on a couple of months when my heart was healing a little more and I checked out the Glasswork website and emailed Tali who immediately responded with a phone call and such compassion and kindness again while I muddled through what I wanted.
The four pieces I chose are simply breathtaking.  All of this was done via phone, email and post and completely on point, professional, caring and even when I was emotional and finding it hard to string sentences together or to make decisions Tali helped me always with kindness.
I get comments every time I wear my ring and necklace and I’m so happy and I know my beloved Dad is too.
Thank you with all my heart . Lynnmarie Ingram, Theodore, ACT, 19th October 2017
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