words cannot describe how beautiful they turned out and what it means to us

I wanted to let you know that we received our necklace, domes and comfort stone. They are simply stunning. My mother just loves her black silver pendant necklace, and with dads ashes incorporated, he’ll always be with her. The orange Galaxy domes for my sister and myself are really beautiful, we love them. They’ll get a prominent place in our homes so dad is always around. The 5 sky blue bubble domes will be given to each grandchild in memory of their “Opa”. They are still young and will have a better understanding at a later age what the significance of their domes are and what it contains. The cobalt blue comfort stone is going to my dad’s brother who lives overseas. He’ll be really happy to have a part of his brother home.

Words cannot describe how beautiful they turned out and what it means to us. It is exactly what we hoped it would be. Thank you so much for bringing dad home.  I can really recommend everyone to have a dome , jewelry or a comfort stone made, you won’t regret it. Even a simple comfort stone will bring you joy and strength when needed and in memory of your loved ones. We’ll be going on a family holiday soon and because mum will be wearing her pendant necklace, dad will be joining us on this trip :)

Regards, Peter van den Bremer, Noosaville, Queensland. 5th March 2017

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