you have been so professional,compassionate and understanding

Today I opened my parcel that arrived from you and my heart soared. My beautiful two tone Sky Blue and Amethyst egg shaped Galaxy dome with my mother’s ashes is a beautiful and treasured keepsake for me. I  now know that I can go and scatter my Mums Ashes as her requested wish next week at Ballarat and that I have a precious keepsake at home to honour her memory and to comfort me. I ordered these two colours in my dome as they were my mother’s favourite colours for her beautiful outfits she wore and when I asked if this could be done Tali was so obliging and helped me make my decisions. I also ordered the Black and Gold as my Sister requested and I know when she arrives down from Queensland she will be just as happy as I am with mine
I cannot thank you enough as I was having trouble letting go of my Mums Ashes but now I have this precious keepsake to remind me of my beautiful Mum and her Memories that have been left with us
Tali you have been so professional,compassionate and understanding at a time when I needed some guidance and nurturing in this process.
I thank you sincerely, Pamela Quennell, Mildura, Victoria. 28th March 2018.

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