Memorial Glass® range

Three Memorial Glass Galaxy Domes in red amethyst and pink

Memorial Domes

Memorial Domes are discrete and beautiful objects of personal significance.

hree Memorial Glass Life Hearts in amber pink and emerald green

Life Hearts

Life Hearts are a celebration of a special person’s love, which stays with us as we go through life.

hree Memorial Glass Comfort Stones in emerald green red and cobalt blue

Comfort Stones

Small and tactile, these beautiful cremation keepsakes act as a touchstone for love and memory.

a 28mm Sterling Silver Memorial Pendant in red with a 15mm Memorial Pendant in pink


We encase the ashes in a beautiful glass cabochon which is set in sterling silver or gold.

“I keep Dad with me all the time”

“I shall truly treasure these pieces”

“My family and I cannot thank you enough for your kind, considerate and sensitive approach.”

Our Story

In 2009 we were approached by a lovely family who were looking for a unique and special service. They had recently lost a treasured family member, and wished to have cremation keepsakes made for the whole family to cherish. They came to us with a special request to have something hand made with their loved one’s ashes in glass. We were touched by the idea and honoured to be involved. Over time, more people approached us to design something special and unique to best commemorate the memories of those they have lost. Together, we have created a beautiful range of commemorative ornaments to contain your loved one’s ashes that, unlike urns, can not be spilled, and like your memories are designed to last as heirlooms. As we worked with these wonderful families, we realised we were doing something very special and important for people in their times of bereavement. Our passion for Memorial Glass® has been inspired by the wonderful, heart-warming responses we have received from people who treasure the mementos we have made for them.

If this touches your heart please have a look at our product pages and testimonials.

The practice of keeping beautiful objects that encase a loved one’s ashes or small locks of hair has a long history. Honouring those we have lost helps us to meaningfully connect with a loved one’s legacy in our own lives; brings comfort to those left behind, and has been practised in all human cultures all over the world since eternity. Memorials to those we have lost can take many forms, whether they be commemorative monuments; peaceful resting places; ceremonies to release ashes in a significant or sacred place, or treasured personal keepsakes we can touch or wear.


Want to know more

If you have any questions about our range or service, they may be answered on our FAQ page. We understand that this may be a difficult time for you, and we would like to make this process as simple and sensitive as possible. You are welcome to contact us via email – anytime or if you prefer to talk to us please call on (03)5962 6413. We are open by appointment. You are welcome to arrange to come and have a look at some samples. We are closed every February.With love,Tim, Tali and the Memorial Glass® team.